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Hiiii I’m Lindsay!! I'm married to my wonderful husband, Drew, and together we have two beautiful children, Azalea and Evelyn, who fill our lives with so much happiness. 

Before I embarked on my photography career, I worked as a nurse for seven years in the NICU. Photography started as a hobby, a creative outlet amidst the demands of nursing.

My passion deepened when I faced the profound loss of my mother. This painful experience became a turning point in my life, transforming my grief into a driving force behind my art. I turned my pain into purpose, and it became a way to honor memories, celebrate life, and find beauty in every moment. My mom was always behind the camera, and as a result, she appeared in only one of our professional photos. This is why I’m a huge advocate for moms to be in the photos!

My approach is deeply personal and empathetic. I strive to capture genuine emotions, the love between people, and the unique stories that make each of us who we are. I pour my heart into every shot, ensuring that your cherished moments are preserved with care, storytelling, and creativity.

I'm so glad you're here! 

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"We could not have chosen a better photographer for our dream wedding. lindsay is passionate about her work, kind, caring, and goes the extra mile in everything she does!"

-Stephanie Hollingsworth

"Lindsay will always make sure you are looking your absolute best. She'll make you feel like you should be taking photos on the red carpet.

- Ashley & James

"lindsay is incredibly talented! She captured every emotion"

-Natalie Ledford